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dissecando David Cronenberg

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A mostra apresenta a filmografia completa de David Cronenberg. Além da exibição de seus 18 longas, ela também promove um ciclo de conferências e um curso sobre a obra do cineasta canadense. Apoiada por um catálogo com diferentes ensaios sobre o cinema de Cronenberg, essa retrospectiva mobiliza os atuais debates acerca das relações entre corpo, imagem e tecnologia, bem como das formas de violência e intolerância que têm marcado o mundo contemporâneo. Essas questões são inseparáveis das transformações do dispositivo cinematográfico, sob o impacto de formas inéditas de espetáculo e novas demandas sensoriais. Diante da emergência desses temas que assombram o presente, a mostra "O cinema em carne viva" almeja incitar os espectadores a pensarem sobre o estatuto do corpo, do cinema e da percepção, tendo aqui a instigante - e cada vez mais atual - obra de David Cronenberg como o principal foco de suas visões.

WSET: Always Making Cinema Throb

The festival Cinema in Raw Flesh: David Cronenberg – Body, Image and Technology intends to present and debate all of David Cronenberg’s features, highlighting the importance of this director’s work in today’s world – in dialogue with the latest analyses over the socio-cultural impact of the relations between body, image and technology.

Having the intention of strengthening the thinking over today’s Cinema – still little explored in Brazil – the event intends to deepen the discussion over the state of moviemaking today, as well as its connection with a series of innovations that permeate our imagery. Topics of discussion include: the new biological technologies, visual devices, and innovative narrative models in its audiovisual aspects; the metamorphing corporeal practices and experiences in addition to news forms of entertainment, information and spectacle emerging in a globalized panorama. David Cronenberg’s work provides a privileged platform from which to dive into these exciting subjects.

The relations between body, image and technology will be examined under the light of the famous Canadian director’s pictures, in an attempt to shed light over the peculiarities of their present configuration in the Brazilian context. Today, more than ever, the corporeal interferences multiply and coexist with the new digital and interactive devices that have been contributing to create new models of behavior, sociability and cultural manifestations. All these subjects deserve further questioning and analysis in the country in a moment especially rich such as this one, when all these innovations quickly become popular and demand reflection so that they are absorbed in the best possible way.

For all these reasons, and for all these “technological incorporations” that fascinate and haunt us, the festival Cinema in Raw Flesh: David Cronenberg – Body, Image and Technology intends to renew the debate over the relations between body, image and technology through the exchange among several specialists developing cutting-edge ideas in their fields, having the rich and exciting work of David Cronenberg as one of the central themes in their inquiries.

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